5 Reasons Contractors Close More Deals with SmartBuild Systems

5 Reasons Contractors Close More Deals with SmartBuild Systems

You’re a post frame contractor who dreams of breaking ground as a successful construction company. Instead, as a result of your current operating procedure, you spend 75% of your time chasing leads, only to close about 15%. It’s not you, it’s the same inefficient process that’s plagued the pole barn industry for years. Stop working that way! If you’re ready to cut bid time from 3 hours to about 20 minutes, drop your error rate to under 5%, and win up to 50% more jobs – then here are 5 reasons contractors close more deals with SmartBuild Systems!

Push Button Bids and Ordering

Without SmartBuild, it takes you about 3 hours to complete a material takeoff because you’re manually adding quantities and pricing to an Excel spreadsheet, eventually generating a bid. Chances are, this puts you behind, so you look to your supplier to help with the takeoff. What you may not realize, however, is that providing that assistance costs your supplier hundreds of manhours every year. After all, someone is getting paid to enter data into the supplier’s system and translate it into internal part numbers.

With SmartBuild, your supplier becomes your ally. He sets you up on his proprietary system, the core functions of post frame are automated, and you both work smarter, faster, and make more money!

Here’s how it works: The supplier’s entire in-house inventory database is downloaded into their own SmartBuild system. If he manufactures metal sheathing, trim, and trusses, the SmartBuild database includes those price quotes and color schemes too. SmartBuild also creates an entire part-number system, and standard sales contracts and bid form templates specific to the supplier.

Your authorized SmartBuild supplier has the tools to change the way you work! Once set up on his database system, you’ll easily complete bids and orders with the push of a button because SmartBuild automatically:

  • Builds a cut list for sheathing and trim
  • Calculates the price including materials, labor, and sales tax
  • Compiles the bid and order using the custom database
  • Creates a description of the building
  • Cuts bid time down to 20 minutes
  • Emails and prints a copy for the buyer on the spot
  • Generates construction drawings
  • Populates the sales contract

Eliminates Errors

Another problem with manually entering data, is how prone it is to errors. There’s not much worse than being on a job site, only to have the wrong window size or color scheme delivered. Errors cost time, money, and reputation – and not just yours. There’s a good chance that your supplier routinely throws an extra $400 – $500 worth of product on the quote because it’s cheaper than sending missing materials via hot shot delivery.

Contractors using SmartBuild reduce the error rate to less than 5%, saving cash, hours, and most importantly, aggravation.

Live Design Sessions

Without SmartBuild, you spend most of your time chasing leads. You grab your Excel spreadsheet and conduct an impersonal interview — over the phone – with potential customers. Of course, it’s always your intention to get the bid to your client within 48-hours, but that’s nearly impossible since the manual takeoff process takes so long. So, about a week later, you email the client the paperwork, (even though you know you should drop off the bid in person,) to make up for lost time.

Working this way, typically, results in a mere 15% close rate.

Contractors using SmartBuild have the advantage of conducting live design sessions with clients.

With SmartBuild, when you get a lead, you set up live, face-to-face (or Zoom) appointments with potential buyers! No more Excel spreadsheets and phone interviews.

Instead, you work on a laptop – with your client – building their structure right before their very eyes. Sales come easily as buyers interact with their building, watching as it comes to life as a 3D graphic model — changing in real-time – with all the what-ifs imaginable:

  • Cupolas
  • Doors and windows
  • Finishes
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Porches
  • Roof style
  • Structure size

Plus, as the model changes, the price and materials update automatically. SmartBuild makes it easy to upsell additions, and best of all, you leave the bid with the buyer on your way out the door! (If you’re on Zoom, the bid is automatically emailed to the client.)

Once the buyer is happy, you simply push a button and SmartBuild does the rest.

More Business

With SmartBuild, you and your supplier win more business. In fact, many contractors report deal close-ratios of up to 50% – a 35% increase from using a manual spreadsheet system. And more money for you means more money for your supplier – so everybody wins!

If you’re currently working with a supplier who’s not using SmartBuild, do you both a favor and introduce him to the only complete design system for post frame structures!

Let him know that with SmartBuild, he’ll license his version of the software to contractors, like you, in exchange for purchasing commitments. As his contractor customers use SmartBuild to close more deals, they purchase more supplies directly through the database, increasing their sales. Plus, he’ll say goodbye to helping contractors with takeoffs, correcting errors, and sending extra materials by hot shot delivery. He will save time and money with SmartBuild.

And most importantly, remind him that happy contractors talk, meaning the word-of-mouth advertising alone will have droves of them beating down his door for the SmartBuild System!


If you have your own website, SmartBuild makes generating leads and sales a snap! By embedding SmartBuild technology into your company site, you’re offering a 3D design tool anyone can use to:

  • Create a materials list and pricing automatically
  • Design their own pole barn online
  • Easily update the 3D model with a menu-driven set of prompts
  • Submit their information for a consultation

Once you close the deal, you’ll automatically submit orders to your supplier!

With the SmartBuild e-Modeler, you’ll save time building estimates and money on mistakes. Isn’t it time to compete with the big boys at a fraction of the cost?

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