smartbuild barndominium design

Barndominium Design Comes to SmartBuild Systems

A message from SmartBuild CEO, Keith Dietzen

Everyone involved in the post frame industry has known for years that there is tremendous demand for barndominiums from the buying public. What is equally apparent is that it is a demanding, time consuming process to help consumers design their floor plans, generate quotes, and then manage a steady flow of changes to those floor plans.

I know that I’ve spoken with many SmartBuild customers who have been using SmartBuild for years and have had to make use of additional software systems such as Chief Architect, Autocad, or other programs to design floor plans, in some cases having to rely on additional employees or outside service companies to help create floor plans.

I am happy to announce that, with the SmartBuild release 1.86, SmartBuild gives its customers the ability to design interior floor plans for barndominiums.

As with all design features in SmartBuild, when floor plans are entered, SmartBuild does material takeoffs and generates shop drawings for all interior framing. 

What used to take hours or require multiple software systems is now accomplished in a matter of minutes using SmartBuild.

With SmartBuild, editing designs is simple and takes just a few minutes. 

SmartBuild 1.86 is a tremendous step forward, but there is much more to follow. In subsequent releases, we add ceilings to the first-level floor plan, which will also serve as the floor system for a second-story design. We also add the ability to design a second-story floor plan, and loft and mezzanine designs are also in our immediate future.

If you weren’t able to attend our 1.86 release webinar, I urge you to spend some time watching the video from that session. If you are not yet an active SmartBuild customer, now may be the perfect time to consider becoming one. SmartBuild can help you get a piece of the rapidly growing barndominium market!

To learn more, just give me a call…