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Building Creator – Post Frame Automation for PC & Mac

SmartBuild Systems, along with its partner NC Automation LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product and service for PC and Mac users. Building Creator is a post frame structure, garage, and shed visualizer that works as an offline, front-end solution. It can be used as a stand-alone building designer, or in conjunction with SmartBuild, to automatically generate material takeoffs, pricing, and construction documents.

Building Creator is a SketchUp integration that enables contractors to swiftly draw buildings, allowing clients to visualize their structures in highly detailed graphics.

For those who also desire the functionality of the industry’s only complete design system for post frame buildings, garages, and sheds – the design file is forwarded to SmartBuild and it automatically does the rest:

  • Compiles the bid and order using a custom database
  • Calculates the price including materials, labor, and sales tax
  • Builds a cut list for sheathing and trim
  • Generates construction drawings
  • Creates a description of the building
  • Populates the sales contract
  • Emails and prints a copy for the buyer on the spot

According to Keith Dietzen, SmartBuild’s CEO:

“Building Creator is truly a game-changer when used in conjunction with SmartBuild. Without using the Internet, contractors can create 3D models offline, then, when in an appropriate location, connect with SmartBuild to generate all their required information. The result is that average times to do takeoffs are reduced from about 3 hours down to 15 or 20 minutes. By doing live design sessions with customers, typical sales close ratios more than double. With our PC and Mac solution, SmartBuild is now even more accessible to all including the Amish and those without Internet access.”

For building materials suppliers, SmartBuild now offers tools that have no equal for the post frame market as well as the garage and shed market.

To learn more about Building Creator: