smartbuild e-modeler

Embed Our Technology on Your Website

The SmartBuild Systems e-Modeler allows you to embed the pole barn industry’s only complete design system for post frame structures directly onto your website. The e-Modeler is not only convenient, but it also works as an amazing marketing tool that allows anyone, even end-users, to become post frame designers. If you’re familiar with SmartBuild’s existing software, such as our Post Frame software, the e-Modeler will be convenient and familiar to use.

e-Modeler Benefits

When embedded onto your company’s website, the e-Modeler is privately labeled to your business. The e-Modeler makes it much easier to streamline your sales process. Even those not experienced in designing pole barns can use it, including DIY individuals, building buyers, farmers, and contractors.

SmartBuild’s e-Modeler has the same features as our Post-Frame software and integrates with our Garages and Sheds software. It automatically generates a 3D visual model, a complete materials list, labor estimates, pricing, sales contract proposals, and a full set of drawings. This makes creating all types of post frame buildings much easier for end-users visiting your website.

End-User Features

When using the e-Modeler on your website, end-users have access to all the same tools as those using SmartBuild Systems’ Post-Frame and Garage and Shed software. Some highlights include the ability to:

  • Design their post frame building from a portal on your website
  • Automatically frame their custom structure
  • Update their 3D model with a menu-driven set of prompts
  • Build a cut list for sheathing and trim
  • Automatically generate construction drawings
  • Create material lists and pricing automatically

Once the end-user has completed their custom design, they can place an order directly on your website. This saves you time, money, and resources by automating estimates and cutting down the initial design process.

Perfect for Your Business

SmartBuild System’s e-Modeling software makes billing for and creating a post frame structure simple and easy. With integrations like our Post Frame software and Garages and Shed software embedded directly on your website, end-users will find doing business with you easy and convenient.

Ready to streamline your post frame structure sales process? Contact us if you’re a supplier or contractor interested in becoming an authorized SmartBuild partner.