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Design Even More With SmartBuild

Just like the original post frame software, SmartBuild for Garages and Sheds features the familiar process of designing structures graphically on screen while automatically generating a 3D model, materials list, labor calculations, pricing, and a full set of drawings.

Adding to the standard options, SmartBuild for Garages and Sheds displays and takes off multiple layers of materials for roofs and walls, displays multiple types of roofing and siding materials, and generates floor construction materials for sheds.

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Design YOUR Garage or Shed Now!

SmartBuild Systems streamlines your sales process and attracts more customers. Now, you can access your own 3D design tool right from your laptop or embed it on your customer-facing website, to:

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Design a garage or shed in real-time with your clients

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Build a cut list for sheathing and trim

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Automatically frame their custom structure

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Automatically generate construction drawings

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Update the 3D model with a menu-driven set of prompts

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Create material lists and pricing automatically

Plus, SmartBuild automatically populates the sales contract, creates a description of the building, and emails and prints copies for your customers.

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SmartBuild Systems

Users are guided through a simple, menu-driven set of prompts for designing any custom structure. As each new variable is entered, a real-time 3D model shows exactly what the building looks like in shell or frame view. Best of all, SmartBuild automatically updates the framing, sheathing and trim cut lists, material lists, pricing, and drawings with every change to the design.

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For Garages and Sheds

With SmartBuild for Garages and Sheds, you get all of the original software processes along with these additional functions:

  • Skid foundation for sheds
  • Stem wall foundation with slab floors for garages
  • Customizable floor and wall framing
  • Siding and roof material options
  • Doors, windows, porches, and additional buildings
  • Accounting for hangers, insulation, electrical, and more
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Complete Material Lists & Pricing

  • Complete labor pricing
  • 3D Model with PDF, DXF, and SketchUp outputs
  • Create quick building templates
  • Customizable quote and material list outputs
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