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How to Find the Hidden Buttons in SmartBuild

Did you know there are hidden buttons on the Material Summary in SmartBuild?

These buttons were hidden so that SmartBuild users could see additional information about a quote, without having the information show up all the time.  We realize there is certain information in a quote that is valuable but not everyone needs to see and should only show up when necessary.  These hidden buttons control things like the cost and price for each line item on the materials list and the overall job margin or markup for each project.

To access the hidden price and cost information, first, make sure you’re on the Materials Tab inside a quote, then hold down the control key on the keyboard and double click on the Price on the top of the page.  This will unlock the cost and price information for each line item on the Framing, Trim, Sheathing, and all the other materials list tabs.

The second hidden button will control the overall job markup and margin settings.  This button is located on the Grand Total number on the Material Summary page.  Again, hold down the Control key and double click on the Grand Total number.  This will pop up a menu where you can view and edit the overall Markup for a project.  Once you apply the markup (or margin) the Grand Total price will change by the amount specified.