lighted red pole barn house

Incredible Pole Barn Homes [Gallery]

When you think of a barn, chances are visions of hay covered floors and neighing horse heads peeking out of stables, are what come to mind. Not necessarily the place you’d like to lay your own dome each night.

But pole barn homes, those built with post-frame construction, are not only affordable and durable – these days, they’re downright beautiful! Come along as we explain the advantages of post-frame construction while gazing upon some of the most incredible pole barn homes you’ve ever laid eyes on…

Pole Barn Homes

During the Great Depression, farmers needed a way to erect agricultural buildings quickly and cheaply. Brilliantly, they began recycling telephone poles to use as the foundation for their barns. Buried a few feet in the ground, these poles support the entire building, eliminating the need for poured concrete. Today, post frame buildings are a great alternative to expensive and time-consuming house construction.

Pole Barns are Sturdy

Pole barns are built to withstand the elements, as post-frame is one of the most structurally sound methods of building. Come blizzard, hail, high winds, or hurricane, pole barns stay firmly planted in the Earth. And because of the way they’re engineered, the roof of a pole barn can hold the heavy snow of a brutal winter, often better than houses built using modern construction techniques.

Pole Barns are Cost-Effective

Because pole barn homes don’t require traditional foundations, they can be built on uneven ground or even gravel, eliminating the cost of clearing the land. The cost of materials for post-frame construction is well below those of light-gauge steel and concrete, making it a great choice for building on a budget. Pole barn homes are also easier to erect than modern construction making the process less labor-intensive and expensive. Plus, with the right tools and skills, it is possible to create a DIY pole barn house.

Pole Barns are Versatile

If the thought of living in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where all of the houses look the same gives you nightmares, consider a pole barn home! Post-frame can be built in any size or shape imaginable with all the extras you can dream of; from wrap-around porches and pergolas to second-story balconies and sundecks.  Plus, the exterior of a pole barn can be styled in any finish and can mimic the look of other building types.

Pole Barns Provide Awesome Insulation

Whether you live in the snow-covered mountains or along the sun-soaked beach, your home needs proper insulation! Luckily, pole barns provide awesome insulation because there are fewer thermal breaks in the wide spaces between the poles. Your power bill will be lower than with modern construction and your home will stay comfortable due to the natural ventilation post-frame produces.

Pole Barns are Pretty

Now that you know why pole barns make the best homes, enjoy a few more stunners before you go!