Introducing SmartBuild Systems

We are thrilled to introduce a complete design system that enables users to design their own custom Post Frame buildings!

We heard about the need for great industry software tools for builders and suppliers at the NFBA Expo in Columbus earlier this year. We’ve been working tirelessly to create those exact tools, and are excited about this new offering in the Post Frame industry.

Newly released by Keymark Enterprises – SmartBuild Systems uses cutting edge technology to deliver complete, 3D interactive input in a user-friendly, web-based environment.

SmartBuild Systems users are guided through a simple, menu-driven set of prompts able to design any custom building.  As each new building variable is entered, a real-time 3D model shows exactly what the building looks like – in shell or frame view – after every change.

SmartBuild automatically creates framing, sheathing and trim cut lists, material lists, pricing, and drawings – and these datasets are automatically updated with every change to the design.

You can view a 1-minute overview video here.

Additionally, Smartbuild Systems software is web-based, meaning the critical set of data that drives design – framing standards, part numbers, pricing, and other variables – are easily controlled and changed in one location ensuring users, salespeople, designers, and dealers are instantly updated with the latest information. Web infrastructure also facilitates immediate communication between the field and corporate office. SmartBuild has built-in administrative capabilities allowing multiple levels of access to the program and multiple pricing levels all under central control.

Keymark Enterprises uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) requiring only one set of input to generate all information required for a building. This automation will enable efficiencies previously impossible in the post frame industry.

We’d love for you to try SmartBuild Systems yourself, we invite you to get started today.