home office shed

Sheds Are The New Home Office

Working From Home Post Pandemic

Although the pandemic has officially ended, working from home has not. At least not entirely. According to Pew Research Center, roughly 22 million employed adults work from home full-time. With the guesswork gone regarding when the pandemic will end and if working from home will continue, those who work virtually can be confident that building a dedicated home office is a good investment. 

Not everybody has enough space in their home to have a dedicated home office, but building an addition to a house can be cost-prohibitive, time-consuming, and disruptive. So what is a telecommuter to do? Build a backyard office shed just far enough away from all of the distractions in your home. 

Not only are shed offices versatile and cost-effective, but they can also increase your property value. With a backyard shed office, you can enjoy all the benefits of working from home without sacrificing any of the rooms in your house. 

Backyard Shed Considerations

Although building a backyard shed is easier than putting an addition onto your house, there are several things to consider before breaking ground. Building and zoning requirements will differ from one county to the next, but a permit will likely be necessary because you’ll need electricity in your office. Local building codes will tell you building setback requirements, the allowed height, and the maximum size of a structure allowed on your property. If you have an HOA, you’ll also want to check with them before beginning your project. 

Customize Your Office Shed

Before you start building, ensure your office is designed to be functional for all of your needs. You’ll want to figure out how much space you’ll need, the number and placement of windows and doors, and if a path is necessary to your backyard office. 

If you’re having in-person meetings, you may need enough room for a table and chairs to accommodate everyone. A couch or comfortable chair may be a nice addition if you want space to relax. Think ahead and measure to see if your desk and other furnishings need a wide door to get them into the office. If clients or coworkers will be visiting your backyard office, a direct path would be helpful. And finally, consider the type of lighting you like so that you can have windows placed appropriately. A lack of natural light can negatively affect mood and sleep and therefore lower your productivity. So let there be windows and light! 

Consider what type of office space would be conducive to the type of work you’ll be doing in order to plan ahead when building your new workspace.

Versatility of a Backyard Shed

If a home office becomes unnecessary, there are many other ways to use a backyard shed:

  • Writing or art studio
  • Yoga pod
  • Man cave
  • She shed
  • Music studio
  • Kids’ play area
  • Garden shed
  • Storage

Building Your Ideal Office Shed Today

Make your dream of a barefoot commute a reality!

SmartBuild Systems is the construction industry’s only complete design system for pole-barn and all-metal structures. Simple enough for anyone to use, this web-based software quickly generates a 3D model, material lists, pricing, proposals, and construction documents for almost any post frame or steel building.

It’s as easy as entering the following info:

  • Size of shed
  • Roof style
  • Foundation type
  • Door and windows
  • Finishes

Then receiving the following output:

  • 3-D model
  • Framing
  • Cut list for sheathing & trim
  • Materials list
  • Pricing

Find an authorized Smartbuild Partner for a live design session. Watch the 3D model of your structure change in real-time with each update. Once you’re happy with the design, the contractor prints your proposal on the spot and sends the materials over with the push of a button.

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