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Simplifying the Metal Roofing Market

Sherwin-Williams Roofing Passport integrates seamlessly with EagleView, the number-one provider of aerial property measurements, SmartBuild Systems building application software, and Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, the industry leader in metal roof coatings.

This integration creates a powerful link between EagleView’s highly accurate roof measurements and SmartBuild’s automated estimation software, creating an easy-to-use bidding platform. This minimizes the complexity of metal roofing estimation for manufacturers and contractors alike.

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Welcome to the ultimate sales tool!

Sherwin-Williams Roofing Passport, built specifically for the residential metal roofing and reroofing market, is a groundbreaking platform that simplifies metal roof estimation and ordering.

As a fully automated program, this digital platform enables project estimation in one click – transforming your contractor’s roofing business.

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Elimiate Your Bid Backlog

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No more driving or climbing just to generate a bid!

With Roofing Passport, you order a property measurement, gather the required metal roof takeoff data for a lead, and engage a roofing manufacturer – all in one click.

This simplified metal roof estimation and ordering process improves measurement accuracy, eliminates the need to manually measure before submitting an estimate, and saves your business time and resources – increasing your profitability.

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Extensive Expertise

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Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, an industry leader in coil coatings for the metal residential and commercial roofing markets, combines the technology from EagleView and SmartBuild Systems under the Roofing Passport – a web-based platform.

EagleView is a report, measurement, and imagery company that is the number-one provider of aerial property measurements. The company flies across North America to capture aerial images of homes, which are used to provide raw data of roof measurements and roof pitch with incredible accuracy.

SmartBuild Systems is application software that stores data on entire manufacturer catalogs of roofing profiles, including sheathing, trim parts, coating colors, ancillary materials, labor, and pricing. SmartBuild takes the raw data from EagleView to populate roof measurements and accurately estimate material and labor costs.

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With one powerful platform, you can:

Sell more metal roofing and increase profitability!

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