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SmartBuild 1.17 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Job Pricing
    • Price Summary
      • A pricing summary tab is now available per job under the Materials List View with price breakdowns and total price.
    • Job Markup
      • You can edit the job Markup (or Margin) for a job on the Price Summary by holding down CTRL on your keyboard and double-clicking on the ‘Material Total’ price.
        • The initial Markup is calculated based on the difference between the cost and price of the job’s materials. You can override the calculated Margin/Markup for the job by entering a new percentage.
        • The default will be set to Mark-up. If you prefer to use Margin then we will need to change your default for you.
    • Payment Schedule
        • You can now define a payment schedule under the Distributor settings. If you want to create a payment schedule, you must have at least two payment drops defined.  The payment schedule will be displayed on the Price Summary page and can be output to sales quotes and other documents.
  • Import Job Information
    • You can now import the job information from an Excel/CSV file into a SmartBuild job. This can be used to gather job and customer information outside of SmartBuild and then import the information into a new SmartBuild job.
  • We have made it easier to input and manage multiple object files (which give a realistic look to doors and windows).

Bugs and other items:

  • All model data can be output in JSON format (to share data between other web-based applications)
  • Fixed bugs related to Packages/Add ons
  • Fixed door and window images (object files) not showing up on outputs
  • Fixed bugs related to open attached buildings with steep roofs