SmartBuild 1.19 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Track covers for sliders

    • You can now add a track cover to your material database and it will visually display in the 3-d model and be reported on the material list.

  • We have added  29 additional ‘Calc Bases’ to use to calculate material take offs, including:

    • Main building width, length, and height

    • # of common, gable, mono or mono gable trusses

    • # of purlins, # of girts, # of rafters

    • Lineal footage of building perimeters and more…..

    • You can see a full list by adding the ‘Calc Bases’ as a Package Add-on

  • Improved Calculations for Packages

    • You can build calculations with ‘Calc Bases’ and standard mathematical functions, similar to creating formulas in Excel

  • Questions in Package Calculations

    • You can now specify a variable in a package calculation that can be answered when it is applied to a job.  For example, you can prompt the program to ask width, height, depth, and spacing for a driveway slab to complete a calculation.

  • Package Groups

    • You can now have a single Package group with multiple products that can be selected.  So you can have a package called ‘Insulation’ and choose from a drop-down of insulation packages

  • Commercial (Bookshelf) Girt Style

    • Phase 1 of commercial girts shows bookshelf style girts in the 3-d model and material lists.

Bugs and other items:

  • The 3-d ‘OBJ’ files for doors and windows are now output with the SketchUp file

  • Added Tokens to JSON output

  • Fixed bug with Miscellaneous Materials in Packages not reporting a Price