SmartBuild 1.23 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Freight/shipping support

    • Each material and truss can be assigned a weight

    • Weights will be totaled per job and Total Weight tokens are available for Package calculations and outputs

    • Freight has its own material group for pricing and outputs

  • You can now add awnings to a building

    • These are added the same as other ‘Attached Buildings’, but you set the ‘Walls’ to ‘Cantilever’

    • There are also separate ‘Calc Bases’ for ‘SFCantilever’ and ‘LFCantilever’ to use for calculating additional materials related to awnings

    • There will be a follow-up task to complete the trim pieces for these type of attached buildings

  • For an attached building, you can now designate the ‘Open Shared Wall’ as ‘Closed’ (no opening between main and attached building), or ‘Open Sheathing’ (no sheathing but still has posts and girts) or ‘Fully Open’ which will create an opening with options to adjust the framing.

  • Truss Matching improvements

    • We have improved the truss matching function.  It now matches based on a score weighted by: Loading, Span, Pitch, Heel Height, Spacing, Overhangs, Special flags and if Gable or not

  • Package defaults

    • Add-ons can now be defaulted to ‘on’ or ‘off’ (previously add-ons always came in ‘off’ and had to be added to a job).

  • Several Excel Functions can now be used as part of Package calculations

    • Including ‘If’, ‘And’, ‘Not’, ‘True’, ‘False’, ‘SQRT’ and many more.

    • Unlike Excel, Package calculations can not reference other cells, but they can reference ‘Calc Bases’ for a job, such as Square footage, lineal footage and quantity of many different parts of a building

Bugs and other items:

  • There have been some changes to the User Interface

    • There is a new ‘Building Options’ tab that includes Attached Buildings and Doors and Windows

    • The Packages checklist has moved from the Materials tab to the main building tabs, between the ‘Framing’ and ‘Job’ tab

  • Soffit sheathing labeling and consolidation have been fixed

  • Date stamps have been added to all output file names

  • There is now a ‘Max truss height’ token to use for errors checks and Package calculations

  • Gable Fascia and Eave Fascia lineal footage can now be used for Package calculations

  • Wrapped Porch Corners are now calculated accurately