SmartBuild 1.24 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Sliding Doors
    • Custom sized or existing catalog sliding doors can now be input and displayed in a SmartBuild model.
    • New Framing Rules in Finishes and Framing define the specific materials required for sliding door panels.
    • Slider panels are shown in drawings, on material lists and they can be individually adjusted in Advanced Edit
  • There are now separate soffit materials for gable and eave.  So, for example, just the sidewall soffit can be vented while the end walls are solid
  • Add all calc bases to the tokens available for document templates
  • There are now separate framing materials for End Rafter vs. Rafter.  So, for example, the end rafter can be different from the standard rafters to match the sub-fascia.
  • Bundles are now displayed differently in the materials.  All Bundle materials will no longer be displayed grouped together in the Bundles material tab, instead, the individual materials will be spread out within the appropriate categories of materials.  Otherwise, bundles will function the same as before.

Bugs and other items:

  • Gable trusses can now have the attributes of Attic and Scissor, like common trusses.