SmartBuild 1.26 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Interior Ceiling Liner

    • Ceiling liner steel and framing in 3-d model, material and cut lists, drawings and outputs

    • All liner framing and trim materials will be set to ‘None’ upon release.  They will not affect your workflow initially. You will need to go into the framing rules for the new interior trim and framing parts and set up materials before you can use the new feature.

    • Once set up, you can add liners to the whole building, or you can go into Advanced Edits and add liner to individual walls.

  • Fix and consolidate soffit materials

    • All soffit panels should be consolidated into a single material with a count based on the size of the overhang.

    • Soffit materials will have a total ½” reduction, so all 1’ overhangs will report a total count of 11 ½” soffit panels on the material list (2’ overhangs will have a total count of 1’ 11 ½” soffit panels).

  • Define which lengths to use for Girts, Purlins, and Skirt Boards, etc.

    • You can choose which part lengths to use for any framing member that is split by the program.

    • For each part, a new framing rule question allows you to define which lengths will be used for that condition.  This can be set in the framing rules and changed on a job by job basis.

    • For example: For Girts, if you enter: 8,16 in the ‘Lengths’ field then the program will only use 8’ and 16’ lengths on the material list for Girts, even If you have 8’,10’,12’,16’ in your material database.

    • Upon release, the ‘Lengths’ field will be blank for all members.  When blank, the program will use all part lengths to determine material part lengths.

Bugs and other items:

  • Fixed bug related to extra corner posts where full-length porch met the main building.