SmartBuild 1.28 Release Notes

New Features:

  • It is now easier to find jobs on the ‘Jobs’ list

    • Type text to reduce the list to only jobs containing that text

    • Filter list by status and/or users

  • When using ‘Centered’ for post or truss spacing, the program now allows the end spacings to be up to 1.5” longer (the program assumes the girts extend 1.5” past the end of the post).  For example, this will allow a 20’ 3” building to use a single 20’ board length for girts.

  • Fixed bug where a blank Usage crashed outputs

  • Fixed bug where Bundles with questions would not show in Bundle List

  • Fixed bug with ‘XML characters’ like “&”,  “<“, “>” causing ‘too much data’ error when used in text fields

  • Fixed bug with Modeled options, where changes to materials did not go back after Save Option

  • Fixed the reporting of soffit lengths (not rounded to the nearest inch) on some columns of the CSV outputs

  • On the Material List for a job, the printing of the Summary page now uses standard currency for the number of decimal places

  • Wall Layout Drawing Improvements

    • Added door description to the layout

    • Attached buildings are now dimensioned

  • We made progress on stud framing, but the changes will not be available until additional changes are made and tested in a future release.