SmartBuild 1.30 Release Notes

New Features:

  • You can now verify that Package calculations are formatted correctly and give the expected amount of material while making the package.  This ‘Test’ mode will save significant time since you no longer need to edit a job to verify.

  • Material List Controls

    • You can now control the pick lengths used by the program for specific types of trim.  Either on a job by job basis and/or as an overall system setting. For example, you can limit Base Trim to 10’ pick lengths for a building (even though you have 10’ and 12’ lengths available).

    • Similar to the above trim lengths, you can now limit the framing pick lengths for slider doors parts.  This is in addition to the existing control over other framing pick lengths for girts, purlins, and other framing usages.

    • These work the same as existing controls in the UI.   Fill in the ‘Lengths’ field with the desired pick lengths to use, either on a job basis or as part of the Framing Rules.  The desired length should be entered in the field as ‘10’ to use only 10’ lengths or ‘10,12’ for both 10’ and 12’ lengths. (Note: do not use the foot marker in the Length field; So type 10,12 and not 10’,12’

  • The framing drawing outputs (‘Assembly Drawings’) now include material list with labels for each wall and roof panel.

  • There are new ‘Calc bases’ and tokens that include both Custom openings and Catalog Openings for windows, walkdoors, overhead and slider doors.

    • For example, the existing  ‘# Windows’ token includes the quantity of windows from the catalog only.  The new ‘# Window Openings’ includes a count of both Catalog and Custom openings.

    • If you want to calculate labor for the total number of slider door openings in a job (both Custom and Catalog) then you would use ‘# Sliding Door Openings’. If you only want to use a count of catalog Slider doors then use ‘# Sliding Doors’.

    • Note you can subtract ‘# Sliding Door Openings’ from ‘# of Sliding Doors’ to get a count of Custom openings only.

  • There are new additional trim questions for doors and windows, ‘Top Jamb’, ‘Side Jamb’ and ‘Bottom Jamb’(windows only).  These are in addition to the existing ‘Header’ and ‘Trimmer’ options. This allows for additional trim parts to automatically be added to the material list by opening type.

  • Any material can now be ‘hidden’ by a supplier to remove unused materials from a builder material list.

  • For panel style soffit, you can control the length of the panel.  Previously we ‘hardcoded’ a ½” margin (so a 12” overhang resulted in an 11 ½” soffit panel length).  You can now edit that ‘Soffit Margin’ to get the lengths you require…

Bugs and other changes:

  • Fixed bug where Truss Sku’s and Description were displaying the same value.

  • Fixed bug where Add-Ons for Cupolas were coming in as 0 Qty and disappearing from the Add-Ons list in some cases

  • Fixed issue when using parentheses in question prompts for Packages.  You can now use a question like ‘Length? (In Inches)’ without problems in the calculation.

  • Error messages have been removed from the job warning messages.  In a job, errors in the model will display as a pop-up dialog box, while the Job Check error message will still be listed as part of the job warnings.

  • You can now extend window ‘trimmers’ to the next girt or to the top and/or bottom of the wall panel as a framing practice for windows.