SmartBuild 1.32 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Automatically add Extra Materials to a job
    • All trim and sheathing parts can be set to automatically add extra material to a job. When this is set for a trim or sheathing part, the program will add the designated number of additional material of the longest length of each part to the material list.
    • These parts will be labeled ‘EXTRA’ on the material list’.
    • These can be set in the Framing Rules and/or adjusted on a job by job basis.
    • This includes parts used in Advanced Edit.
    • So, If you set 2 extra wall panel parts to be added to the material list, and in the job you have most walls at Red but in Advanced Edit you set a few walls as Blue, then you will get 2 extra of the longest sheets for both Blue and Red.
  • New Calc Bases associated with roof pitch (the ‘predominant roof pitch’ and ‘max roof pitch’).
    • You can do things like adjust the labor of a job based on the steepness of the roof pitch.
  • Allow answers to job questions to be used in Package material calculations
    • You can adjust package calculations based on answers to Job Information questions, like if the answer to ‘this question’ is ‘Yes’ then add (or subtract etc.) ‘this amount’.
    • Or use numerical answers to Job Info question, like if the answer to ‘Deliver Miles’ is between 0-50 then add this delivery fee, if 50-100 add this fee.
    • Also, you can base packages on answers to material questions, like if the answer to roof sheathing is ‘Material ABC’ then add this additional labor.
  • Optional Disclaimer.  When a job is changed to an order, a disclaimer will be displayed that forces the user to check a box and hit OK stating that they have read the disclaimer.  The disclaimer can be any text you like.
  • Automated outputs for Quotes or Orders.
    • You can designate outputs to be automatically downloaded when a job status is changed from New to Quote and from Quote to Order.  You no longer need to go to the Outputs page for standard Quote and Order outputs, they will automatically be downloaded to your computer.
  • Archive Jobs.  You will be able to move jobs off the main job list and onto the archived list (and vice versa if needed).

Bugs and other changes:

  • A bug has been fixed where the Packages and OBJ files for openings (Sliders, Overhead, Walkdoors and Windows) were not being copied from a Supplier to a new builder’s database.