SmartBuild 1-40 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Roof Layout Drawing
      • There is a new roof layout drawing available.  This can be added to the list of available outputs by going to Settings/Outputs and select Roof Layout (PDF or DXF)


  • There are two new job statuses.
    • When a job is Re-Quoted, the original quoted job status will change to Re-Quoted so you can tell from the status that there is another version of the quote.


    • Similar for Orders, an Amended order will get a new status of Amended, so you can tell that there is another version of this order.


  • Flying Gables and Peakout overhangs have been cleaned up and are fully functional. (Previously soffit and fascia were not always coming in correctly)


  • Packages Wizard
    • A new method of inputting package calculations will be available in this release.


    • Attend the webinar, see the video of the webinar posted afterward or contact customer support to get details on how to use this new feature.