SmartBuild 1-43/44 Release Notes

New Features:

  • The roof pitch for each roof in a job is now called out on the Roof Layout

  • New ‘Truss List CSV’ output

    • A list of all trusses in a job with the details of the truss (Span, Pitch, Heel, etc.)

    • If a truss is not found in the Truss Table  then “Not Exact Match” will be shown instead of the SKU and the details of the actual truss in the job will be listed (not the details of the closest matching truss)

    • Trusses found in the Truss Table will show the defined SKU and details

  • High Side Trim 

    • Framing Rules now include a new roof trim type called ‘HighEaveEdge

    • Used on flat upper segment of a mono slope roof

    • For all high eave conditions, this will be used in place of the eave trim.

    • Includes standard Trim Lengths (HighEaveEdgePartLengths), option for extra parts of the longest length to add to the material list and a new CalcBase ‘LFHighEaveEdge’, for the total linear footage of high eave trim