smartbuild release notes 1-54

SmartBuild 1-54 Release Notes

New Features

  • Option to remove roofing under ‘over framing’
    • There is now a “Sheathing Under Overframing” checkbox in the ‘Advanced’ inputs section when you input/edit an Attached Building.
      • By default it is checked and all pre-existing models should come in with it checked.
      • When checked we expect the old behavior (no sheathing is removed under over framed roof section)
      • When this is un-checked, any buildings that this building frames against/over will have their roof panels cut under the over framing
  • New Total Costs, Price and Weight Tokens and Calc. Bases for each material category
    • You can use these new tokens in package calculations or in document templates
    • The New Total Cost, Price and Weight are:
      • Framing
      • Sheathing
      • Trim
      • DoorsAndWindows
      • Accessories
      • Trusses
      • (Labor and Freight Total Cost/Price already are available)
  • New Part Length controls for inside and outside corner trim
    • Previously, we only supported this for other trim types (e.g. ‘Base Trim’) but not for corner trim.
    • Similar to the existing Part Length controls for other trim, you can now specify lengths to send out specific part lengths for corner trim in any given job.
  • Random Length parts now honor Part Length controls
    • You can now use part length controls to specify length for random length materials for a given job
    • For example, if LVL’s for Truss Headers are set up as ‘Random Length’, you can now limit lengths to 8,16 for a given situation.  Previously you would get 60′ length on a 60′ building with no way to break it up to a commonly used length
  • No longer report closest match SKU for trusses not found in the catalog
    • The software will no longer report a SKU for trusses in a job that is not found in the catalog. Instead, any truss not found in the catalog will report  ‘NOT EXACT MATCH’.
    • All other functionality related to Not Exact Match trusses should remain the same