release notes 1-60

SmartBuild 1-60 Release Notes

**Please attend the webinar (or watch the on-demand video) for demonstration, and additional updates and bug fixes

New Features

  • Ability to set the Eave sub fascia and Gable end sub fascia separately

    • There are now separate Framing Rules for Eave and Gable Subfascia materials and lengths

  • Option to keep posts when using Open Wall command on a Gable End Wall

    • There is now a “Keep Open Wall Gable Posts” check box under the Wall Framing rules

    • When checked, the posts are left in the gable wall when Open Wall is used (Sheathing and framing are removed). When unchecked, the posts are removed.

    • It is unchecked and hidden by default in the Framing Rules

  • Post spacing on attached buildings is now consistent with the main building so that the post-placement will run relative to each building

  • Fixed issue where if purlins were set to None then soffit and fascia were not placed

  • Fixed missing overhang on the front of attached buildings that occurred when the width of an overhang was greater than the length

  • Fixed missing over-framing when shed roof with overhangs was taller than main building eave 

  • Fixed issue where eave fascia, gable fascia and upper sheathing cut lengths were not set when using R/L part lengths

  • Fixed issue with changing Truss Block Lengths