release notes 1-64

SmartBuild 1-64 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  As always, please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • A new Framing rule material option is available for Jamb posts and Open Post called ‘match post material’.

    • If for example, the Overhead Door Jamb Posts material is set to ‘match post material’ then if you change your main post material in a job, then the Overhead door jamb posts will automatically change to match

    • This will work when main post material is set to Auto (i.e. the Jamb Post will match the resulting post material from the Span Tables)

    • This will work on a wall basis when Advanced Edit is used to change the post material of a single wall (if you change a single wall to 8×8, then the Jamb Posts in that wall will also automatically change to 8×8 if set to ‘match post material’)

  • Time zone follow up updates

    • Now your time zone is shown on the jobs download list, job details page and download folder timestamp (if you use ‘Show Local Time’ on the Job list)

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed cases where purlins do not meet when a shed roof is at a 2/12 pitch

    • Fixed bogus error message and extra post when an Overhead door is pushed up against the corner post on a gable wall