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SmartBuild is Setting up Distributors

SmartBuild is a web-based software system for the Post Frame industry.  SmartBuild allows a user to design almost any post-frame building complex while generating a 3D model, complete material lists, pricing, and construction drawings.  The program is so easy to use, any salesman or contractor can learn it with no classroom training.

SmartBuild is used by contractors to drastically change typical workflow.  Instead of creating takeoffs by hand or with spreadsheets, contractors can now generate complete takeoffs and bids automatically, while completing building designs in live, interactive sessions with building buyers.  The result?  A dramatic reduction in time spent doing takeoffs and an increase in the percentage of bids closed.

SmartBuild also makes an enormous difference in the way orders are processed.  With coordination between suppliers and contractor customers, data is electronically transferred between contractors and suppliers.

This coordination begins when SmartBuild reaches out to suppliers and empowers them to become Distributors, not just of physical products, but of SmartBuild software and data as well.

SmartBuild works with these Distributors to establish a complete system inside the software including part numbers, descriptions, and pricing data.  Additional data such as color schemes, labor equations, and sales contract templates are also created, assuring that SmartBuild functions efficiently.

Once that complete data structure is established, the Distributors are able to license their data specific version of SmartBuild to their contractor customers.

Because the data structure used by contractors is the same data supplied by their Distributor, updating pricing and inventory becomes an automated function.  When contractors submit orders, they eliminate the possibility of data entry errors by simply sending a SmartBuild data file containing complete quantities and part numbers.

To find out more about SmartBuild or which Distributors are offering SmartBuild licenses, contractors can contact Keith Dietzen at 303-579-6277 or via email.