SmartBuild Systems 1.15 Release Notes

SmartBuild Systems 1.15 Release Notes

Here are notes on our latest software release.  Some may find it hard to believe, but the SmartBuild development team issues a release once every two weeks!  Take a look at all the new stuff!

What would you like to see in a future release?

New Features:

  • Truss Catalog – SmartBuild now supports a catalog of trusses with cost and price.
    • A truss catalog can be uploaded and edited (similar to other materials.)
    • The program will recognize a job-specific truss in the catalog based on top chord, span, pitch, heel height, overhangs, spacing, and type.
    • If a job-specific truss is not found in the truss catalog, then the program allows you to add the truss to the catalog or just add it to the job with a price adjustment.
  • Attached buildings that are taller than the main building side wall will now apply overframe/valley framing and extend the roof steel.

SmartBuild Systems 1.5 post-frame building graphic

  • Lot’s of additional ‘tokens’ are now available to populate job specific Word document outputs like proposals and quotes.
    • These include model data like spacings and materials used, summary prices, door, and window lists, additional building information, snapshots and more.
  • Configurable CSV export for custom material outputs
    • Define columns, order, and headings for custom Excel material outputs
    • Consolidate by material and length for pick lists
    • Leave out header rows for interfaces with other accounting systems and more…
  • With the exception of post, ‘None’ is now a valid selection for framing and trim materials to accommodate situations where you do not want a material automatically applied to the model (such as roofs with wood sheathing can set purlins to ‘None’).
  • The Total Price of the job is now calculated and displayed while modeling.

Bugs and other fixes:

  • Wall sheathing is now shortened appropriately for overhang returns
  • Top edge of wall steel on rafter sheds (and other rafter framed roofs) is now run up to the underside of the roof sheathing when there is no overhang.
  • Truss blocks with double truss headers/carriers are no longer cutting the top of posts.
  • Fascia is no longer placed when no overhang is present