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SmartBuild Systems 1.16 Release Notes

*A more detailed training and follow up videos will be posted to our Youtube page soon!

New Features:

  • Material ‘add-ons’ for Doors and Windows
    • Upon input of doors and windows, you can select items from your material catalog (such as locksets, hardware, etc.) to be associated with the door or window and grouped together on material outputs.
  • Material ‘add-ons’ for Cupolas
    • Upon input of cupolas, you can select additional items from the material catalog to be associated with the cupola and grouped together on material outputs.
  • Post Length Margin can be applied to extend or shorten the length of post material selected for the material list. The margin will not affect the 3-d model, but it will affect the length of the post material called out for the job on the material list.
  • There is now an option to have your end wall posts to cut the same length as the side wall posts.
  • You can now specify separate materials for girts and the wainscot backing girt (2×4 for girts and 2×6 for the wainscot girt).
  • We have added an additional steel profile to display in the 3-d model. In addition to ‘corrugated’ and ‘standing-seam’, you can use ‘agpanel’ in the Sheathing Material list for the new profile.
  • The full SmartBuild model can be exported to a SketchUp file
  • Additional ‘Packages’ functionality:
    • You can add ‘Base Macros’ which are built like ‘packages’, but these will automatically apply to the material list of all jobs and can not be turned off and on per job. These are used for materials that are always present for all models.
    • You can still add ‘packages’ to a job which can be turned off and on per job, but we have renamed these to ‘Add ons’.
    • You can now create ‘Bundles’ of materials that will be grouped together as a single price bundle and included or excluded from a job’s material list and can be listed with a price on outputs.
    • You can specify groups of materials as ‘Options’, options are like bundles, but can be printed with a price on outputs but do not affect the total price of a job.
  • Soffits can now be applied as panels based on width of overhang as a ‘sheathing’ product.
    • You can use the ‘old’ method for soffits by setting the ‘Soffit Style’ from ‘Panel’ to ‘Box’ in the Roof Trim Framing Rules
    • Note: We will have a follow-up task to fix overhang lengths
  • Specify ‘Max Length’ for Girts and Purlins
    • You can now specify a max length for purlins and girts if you want to limit the lengths available to be picked. So, you can set 18’ as the max length for purlins to exclude 20’ lengths from being called out for purlins
    • Note: Shorter pieces that get consolidated into longer pieces may still select a length beyond the max length.  We will add more flexibility around consolidation in the future.

Bugs and other items:

  • Horizontal opening headers running to the face of the post no longer cut post
  • Added corner post trim on open wall corners
  • All data from the ‘Job Tab’ can now be configured and exported in CSV and PDF formats
  • ‘Vendor’ SKU has been added to materials database. In addition to the internal program SKU and Description, a product can now also have a ‘Vendor SKU’ to output and match external supplier product ID’s.