wolf works and lodge building

SUCCESS STORY – Wolf Works & Lodge Building Components

Connor Wolf is the owner of Wolf Works, a construction company that custom builds high-end, pole barn-style buildings in the Elko, NV, area. 

But… why pole barns?

Well, when Wolf was first building his business three years ago, he quickly realized that the closest lumber plant was more than three hours away from Wolf Works—and the quality left much to be desired.

“We were hauling trusses from Montana like 9.5 hours away from us. We needed to figure out how to get materials here faster to grow our company.”

In addition to lumber, Wolf couldn’t find trim or screw supplies nearby—and for someone in the construction industry, that was a real issue.

If Connor wanted to commit to growing his business, he would need to look for alternative methods of construction. So, he embarked on an online search. That’s when he found SmartBuild Systems.

After looking into several pole barn software suppliers, Connor landed on SmartBuild Systems because of their vast library of YouTube videos. He specifically appreciated that SmartBuild consistently released new content, demonstrating a commitment to their clientele by sharing relevant and helpful information. What sealed the deal, however, was SmartBuild’s 3D modeling and versatility. No other competitors offered such adaptable and sophisticated design capabilities. Wolf says,

“With SmartBuild, you can design any sort of building—it can be shaped in a T or an L, and you can just keep adding things onto it. And in five minutes, you can draw a building, which costs you nothing…but then you have a 3D rendering ready for the client, which is a tipping point for many in the sales cycle.” 

And now? Well, since working with SmartBuild Systems for more than eight months, Connor is producing more higher-end buildings than he ever thought possible. Today, Wolf Works brings best-in-class construction practices, different designs, and nicer-looking buildings to the Elko area. And nobody else is doing it. Wolf remarks,

“I can tell you right now, we’re gonna be able to sell a whole hell of a lot more buildings now.”

It doesn’t stop there. Connor Wolf is also the owner of Lodge Building Components, a supplier of quality products geared toward the post-frame industry.

By partnering with Smartbuild Systems for their pole barn supplies, Lodge Building Components is able to keep their ROI high. As a small business owner, for Wolf, this is critical.

“Now that we have SmartBuild Systems,” he says, “we’re gonna be able to sell materials with really no more investment on our side. It’ll just be added income.”

Wolf foresees a trajectory like the iPhone for SmartBuild Systems. When the iPhone first emerged, it was an unthinkable technology and rare to find; fast-forward to today, and you’ll struggle to find a person without the infamous Apple device in their hand.

“In ten years, there won’t be a construction company that doesn’t run this,” says Wolf. “If you’re a young professional getting into the industry and you could utilize a platform like SmartBuild…it would be a game changer for you, right off the bat.”

You can learn more about Connor Wolf’s companies at Wolf Works and Lodge Building Components.

SmartBuild Systems is the construction industry’s only complete design system for pole barns and metal buildings, roofing, and re-roofing. Simple enough for anyone to use, this web-based software quickly generates a 3D model, material lists, pricing, proposals, and construction documents for almost any post frame building, metal structure, or roof. Get more information on the SmartBuild Systems website.