Webinar: SmartBuild Release 1.20

Please join us for a SmartBuild Systems Webinar:

SmartBuild Release 1.20

Friday, June 28th at 11 am MT

This webinar will show a number of new features from this week’s SmartBuild release that our customers told us were needed as they started rolling out to market.

If you look at this partial list, you will see there are many features that enable the builder/supplier system to function more smoothly:

  • Database changes for Supplier/Builder
  • New roles for Supplier/Builder
  • Add a Create Builder command
  • Give Supplier access to Builder’s settings
  • Give Supplier access to Builder’s jobs
  • Overlap Purlins
  • Support for Sales Tax calculation
  • Better handling for unpriced framing
  • Supplier-defined Job Checks
  • Add Labor section

We look forward to another great session!