smartbuild release notes

SmartBuild 1-72 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  As always, please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • Option to prevent placement of ‘structural’ openings

    • There is a new checkbox under the Bays framing rules group called ‘No Structural Doors’

      • If’ No Structural Doors’ is checked ON, then a door (or window) that will not fit between posts will not be placed in the bay (the cursor will show a ‘Cannot Place’ symbol)

  • Options for girts at corner posts

    • There is a new question under the ‘Wall Girt Framing’ group called ‘Girt Corner’ with the following options:

      • Both Long: both girts will run long at the corner (default answer and current behavior)

      • Both Short: both girts will be held back to the outside of the post

      • Eave Short: the girt on the eave side will be held back at the corner and the girt on gable side will run long

      • Gable Short: the girt on the gable side will be held back at the corner and the girt on eave side will run long

    • Truss Carrier, Skirt Board and Wainscot Girts will follow this setting

  • Tax option for job truss adjustments

    • In the Job Review, there is a new ‘Taxable’ selection option to apply to truss adjustments or when adding a truss from a job

  • Double rafters on posts

    • There is now a ‘Double Rafter’ framing rule check box in the ‘Rafter Framing’ section to place rafters on each side of posts

    • Double Rafter can be set independently for attached buildings

  • Minimum password length increased from 6 to 8

    • It will NOT require a change to current passwords, but a new password will need to be at least 8 characters

  • Bug-Rafter Layouts are off when using Custom Bay Spacing and Overhangs FIXED

  • Bug-Porch condition on eave wall causes the trusses on that eave wall to not sit on top of the posts has been FIXED

  • Bug-No sheathing on the building causes the Cross sections output not to work has been FIXED

  • Bug-Window location rounding inconsistency causes structural window has been FIXED

  • Bug-With single and top girt truss carriers, a gable style roof attached to a gable wall of a main building at the corner adds an extra post has been FIXED