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With SmartBuild, you can typically increase the deal close rate by 50% and cut bid time to about 20 minutes! Both Contractors and Suppliers win more business and increase sales with SmartBuild. Additionally, SmartBuild automation eliminates takeoff errors, decreases the cost of doing business, and engages prospective clients with live design sessions and on-the-spot proposals.

SmartBuild Systems streamlines your sales process and attracts more customers. Now, you can access your own 3D design tool right from your laptop or embed it on your customer-facing website, to:

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Design a post frame building in real-time with your clients

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Build a cut list for sheathing and trim

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Automatically frame their custom structure

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Automatically generate construction drawings

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Update the 3D model with a menu-driven set of prompts

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Create material lists and pricing automatically

Plus, SmartBuild automatically populates the sales contract, creates a description of the building, and emails and prints copies for your customers.

See a Sample Design in 3D!

SmartBuild for Post Frame

How can SmartBuild help you?

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We’ll download your in-house inventory database into the SmartBuild system, including price quotes and color schemes. We’ll also create a part-number system, standard sales contracts, and bid form templates.

You’ll work as you never have before, designing structures face-to-face with clients. Once set up on your Distributor’s proprietary database, you’ll complete quotes in minutes and place orders with the push of a button.

Are you just looking to purchase a building?  Pick a supplier from our network and we’ll walk you through your design PLUS when you’re done, we connect you to a professional!

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As Your Software Partner

We are committed to continuously increasing the value of our software. We release new feature updates—based on your feedback—and a webinar once a month.

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