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Embed the Industry's ONLY
Complete Building Design System
on Your Website

Turn Your Website Into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse

You can now embed the construction industry’s ONLY complete design system directly on your website. Personalized to your company, this powerful marketing tool enables you and your customers to create customized 3D structures that bring their vision to life.

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Win More Projects and Save Time

Generate high-quality leads with fully customized designs your customers create. When bidding on the job, you’ll have a comprehensive, custom-built material list ready for each project, eliminating the need for manual material list creation and saving valuable time compared to other configurator providers.

Unlock Your Sales Potential

SmartBuild e-MODELER transforms anyone into a designer! From DIYers and building buyers to farmers and contractors, your customers can quickly generate their own dream projects. Then, when they submit it for a quote, your sales team receives a 3D Model directly on their jobs list. No need to redesign the project, just contact the customer and close the deal.

With e-MODELER, your sales team can output:

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Cut Lists

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Materials Lists

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Save time building estimates and money on commissions. Compete with the big boys at a fraction of the cost!


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Note: Keyboard and mouse are required for best results.


SmartBuild e-MODELER

Simple. Efficient. Affordable

Experience the benefits firsthand:

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Tailored Solutions

We’ll create a 3D configurator tailored to your specific building type, whether it’s a post frame, stud frame, portable shed, red iron steel, LGS framing, or a metal tube carport. SmartBuild has you covered.

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Effortless Design

Say goodbye to complex design processes and hello to streamlined creativity. With just a few clicks, end users can bring their vision to life with the intuitive interface. 

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Seamless Integration

Use the SmartBuild e-MODELER to connect with suppliers’ websites directly, ensuring access to the latest materials and options for your end users’ projects. Enjoy unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

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Time & Cost Savings

By simplifying the design process and streamlining communication, e-MODELER helps you save valuable time and resources. Focus on what matters most—bringing your customers’ dream structures to life.

Committment to Quality & Innovation

Regular software updates, driven by user feedback, ensure that the platform remains cutting-edge and relevant to suppliers’ and partners’ evolving needs. Additionally, monthly webinars provide users with valuable insights into new features and updates, ensuring they can maximize SmartBuild’s capabilities.

SmartBuild e-MODELER seamlessly integrates with suppliers’ websites, allowing end-users to effortlessly design a post-frame building, all-metal building, garage, shed, and carport.

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