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Sell More With SmartBuild

Get your Materials and Pricing set up with Smartbuild, then license SmartBuild software to your contractors in exchange for purchasing commitments. Every day, we come in contact with contractors who are looking for suppliers that are already set up with Smartbuild to save time and simplify their sales process. 

SmartBuild will streamline your sales process and attract more contractor partners, building buyers, and even DIYers. When Smartbuild is fully implemented with your company, everyone including in-house salespeople, and/or outside sales and contractors can all help eliminate that bid backlog during even the busiest of times.

Your users can do any OR all of the following depending on the permissions you give each user:

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Design their own post frame building

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Build a cut list for sheathing and trim

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Automatically frame their custom structure

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Automatically generate construction drawings

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Layout the interior floor plan in 2D (interior walls, rooms)

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Create material lists and pricing automatically

Have your own website? With e-MODELER, you can invite any building buyer to your site to create their dream structure. Let DIY’s and contractors do their own designs and generate leads with no effort, saving your sales team’s time and your company money!

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As Your Software Partner

We are committed to continuously increasing the value of our software. We release new feature updates—based on your feedback—and a webinar once a month.

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