Automated Metal Bidding for
Post Frame Structures

Reduce takeoff time to 5 minutes and
eliminate errors with SmartBuild Lite

Only $200 per month, per user
No initial purchase price - cancel anytime
Zero setup time when used with generic database

Only Metal Materials for Post Frame

SmartBuild Lite offers the core features of our industry-leading Post Frame software for automating bids, yet the output is limited to metal panels, trim, and accessories.

Using the same simple, on-screen graphic design process as the original, SmartBuild Lite automatically generates a 3D model, cut lists, material lists, pricing, and shop drawings.

Designed specifically for Metal Manufacturers, SB Lite reduces takeoff time to about 5 minutes and virtually eliminates the errors inherent to working by hand.

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SmartBuild Lite streamlines your sales process and attracts more customers. Now, you can access your own 3D design tool right from your laptop or embed it on your customer-facing website, to:

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Update the 3D model with a menu-driven set of prompts

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Build a cut list for metal panels, trim, and accessories.

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Create material lists and pricing automatically

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Automatically generate shop drawings

Eliminate your bid backlog with SmartBuild Lite!

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SmartBuild Systems

In our original software, users are guided through a simple, menu-driven set of prompts for designing any custom structure. As each new variable is entered, a real-time 3D model shows exactly what the building looks like in shell or frame view. Best of all, SmartBuild automatically updates the framing, sheathing and trim cut lists, material lists, pricing, and drawings with every change to the design.

SB Lite
SB Lite
SB Lite Roof

SmartBuild Lite

With SmartBuild Lite, you get the automated bidding processes of the original software — allowing you to easily design and call out just the metal materials:

  • Adjust the building width, length, and height
  • Change the roof style, pitch, and color
  • Turn the wainscot layer on and off
  • Add ceiling and wall liners
  • Doors, windows, porches, and additional buildings
  • Review and output every metal part needed for the job

SmartBuild Lite Overview