smartbuild release notes 1-66

SmartBuild 1-66 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  As always, please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • More control over corner posts orientation and materials

    • New location questions in Framing Rules:

      • Under the Wall Framing section, ‘Corner Post Placement’ defines whether corner posts will be in the Eave(default) or Gable wall

      • Also, under the Stud Framing section, there is ‘End Stud Placement’ which defines whether the double end stud will be in the Gable (default) or Eave wall

      • Posts will change orientation based on if eave or gable

    • New ‘Corner Post Material’ question under ‘Wall Framing’ will change corner post material

      • This defaults to ‘(Match Post)’ which uses the answer for ‘Post Material’ in the current wall

      • The user can select a framing material including ‘None’

      • The selected material will be reported in the cross-section drawing

      • This uses the ‘Post’ span tables if ‘Auto’ is selected.

  • Option to not include oc girt with wainscot

  • New checkbox ‘Skip Girts Below Wainscot’, if checked no girt will be placed behind wainscot (defaulted to unchecked and hidden)

    • When checked the girt is removed and the o.c. spacing is maintained for the remaining girts (i.e. we still measure from the bottom of the wall)

  • This is available under Wall Girt Framing, Interior Wall Framing, and Sliding Door Panel Framing

  • ‘L’ wainscot backer option

    • This ‘Wainscot Girt Backer’ option allows a backing material to be placed at a right angle and below the wainscot girt (removing nearby on-center girts if needed).

    • Available under Wall Girt Framing and Interior Wall Framing

    • Wainscot girt backing without a wainscot girt is not allowed.

  • Ledger style purlins

    • New ‘Flush Purlin Ledger’ Material in the ‘Purlin Framing’ group.

    • When used, sticks will appear perpendicular to and below the purlins in the following locations:

      • Left and Right of each truss

      • Inside of each Gable truss

      • Left and Right of each Rafter

      • Inside of each End Rafter

    • This only applies to exterior purlins with a purlin type of ‘Flush’