smartbuild systems v 1-68

SmartBuild 1-68 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  As always, please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • Default Tax Rate options

    • Add a Job question in the Framing Rules called  ‘Sales Tax Rate’ (Must be named exactly to work)

    • A number can be input as the default value which will fill in the sales tax percentage for Start From Scratch models

    • Value should be input as ‘7’, not ‘7%’.  (The program will convert to a percentage)

  • PDF ‘Boilerplates’

    • Under Settings/Outputs/‘PDF Boilerplate’, any PDF file can be uploaded and given a name

    • This PDF can then be downloaded with job outputs (No changes will be made to this PDF file when it is downloaded)

  •  Drop gable top chord for flush purlins (and remove purlin ledger if any)

    • A new Framing Rule question under ‘Roof Framing’ will allow “Drop Gables w/ Flush Purlins”

    • When the above option is checked AND flush purlins are selected AND the roof framing style is trusses, then the gable trusses will be dropped by the purlin width

  • A new user-defined ‘Truss Option’ field can be added as a property of a truss

    • This can be used as a way to add additional controls to help define and pick trusses for jobs

    • Users will need to add a Job Info question with a prompt of “Truss Option” (Must be named exactly to work) and add the list of options and apply the options to specific trusses in the truss catalog

    • The ‘option’ can be selected from the Job tab ‘Truss Option’ list.  The selected option will be used as a property (along with span, heel etc.) to pick a truss from the catalog.

    • (This is very similar to existing ‘Loading’ truss field)

    • Caution:  If you use this then all trusses need to have some value for ‘Truss Option’  (You can’t have some with blank).  Also, this will affect old jobs, it will not recognize old trusses if they don’t have a truss option selected


  • Door placement for Stud framed walls has been fixed

  • The openings created on a ‘Cant Porch’ are now visible in Elevation outputs