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How SmartBuild Can Transform Supplier Sales Strategies

Staying competitive in the construction supply industry requires more than offering quality materials—it demands innovation and efficiency in every aspect of the sales process. This is where SmartBuild comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes how suppliers approach their sales strategies.

Stay Ahead with Advanced Technology and Comprehensive Training

At the heart of SmartBuild lies its advanced post frame technology and comprehensive training resources, which empower suppliers to unlock new avenues for growth. By harnessing the power of SmartBuild, suppliers can streamline their sales processes, attract more contractor partners, engage building buyers, and even tap into the burgeoning DIY market.

Simplify the Sales Process

One of the most compelling aspects of SmartBuild is its ability to simplify the sales process for suppliers and their partners. SmartBuild allows suppliers to quickly set up materials and pricing while licensing the software to their contractors in exchange for purchasing commitments. This streamlines operations and fosters stronger partnerships between suppliers and contractors.

Every day, suppliers interact with contractors who are actively seeking partners equipped with SmartBuild. Why? Because SmartBuild saves time and simplifies the sales process for everyone involved. Whether in-house sales teams or external contractors, SmartBuild ensures that bid backlogs are a thing of the past, even during the busiest times.

Hear what one valued distributor, Burrows, has to say about partnering with SmartBuild. 

“We’ve been looking for software for years that would give us and our dealers what we need.  In SmartBuild, we found what we are looking for. This technology will help us generate what we and our dealers need in a fraction of the time it used to take and it will eliminate the redundancies and possible errors we have had to contend with for years. We are looking forward to getting it into the hands of our current dealers and growing our dealer base by offering SmartBuild and support services to new dealers.” –Burrow’s CEO, Chad Blish

Experience Endless Possibilities with SmartBuild

What can users do with SmartBuild? The possibilities are vast and depend on the permissions granted to each user. From designing custom post frame buildings to generating construction drawings and automatically creating material lists, SmartBuild empowers users at every stage of the construction process.

One standout feature of SmartBuild is its e-MODELER functionality, which seamlessly integrates with suppliers’ websites. This allows building buyers, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts to design their dream structures effortlessly. This attracts more leads and saves valuable time for the sales team, allowing them to focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals. 

As a SmartBuild supplier, your users can:

  • Design their own post frame building
  • Build a cut list for sheathing and trim
  • Automatically frame their custom structure
  • Automatically generate construction drawings
  • Create material lists and pricing automatically
  • Layout the interior floor plan in 2D (interior walls, rooms)

Commit to Quality and Innovation

Like you, SmartBuild is committed to continuous improvement. Regular software updates, driven by user feedback, ensure that the platform remains cutting-edge and relevant to suppliers’ and partners’ evolving needs. Additionally, monthly webinars provide users with valuable insights into new features and updates, ensuring they can maximize SmartBuild’s capabilities.

Become a SmartBuild Systems Distributor Today

SmartBuild is more than just software—it’s a transformative tool that can revolutionize suppliers’ sales strategies. By embracing SmartBuild, suppliers can streamline processes, attract more partners, and ultimately drive growth in an increasingly competitive market. Embrace the future of construction supply today—become a SmartBuild Distributor!