smartbuild on-demand webinar 1-86

On-Demand Webinar: SmartBuild Release 1-86

In this on-demand webinar, we walk you through the newest features and bug fixes from the latest release, including:

  • Improved Input and Edit of Interior Walls

  • A customized Document Template can now be uploaded and automatically sent to eModeler customers via email

  • The automated eModeler email sent to your company when a potential customer submits a request will now also include the quick Job Viewer link (in addition to the link to edit the job)

  • A new Corner Sheathing Margin under Wall Sheathing can be set to remove panels in situations where a small distance forces an unwanted extra panel at the corners

  • Girts now continue up the high side of the trusses on mono slope buildings

  • Open Walls will now always default to Post Frame (even if Main Building settings are Stud Frame)

  • Labeled separators can be created and organized in the Framing Rules under the Job tab to create groups of job questions

  • For all attached buildings, leans and porches, when Height is switched to Offset Down the value will now default to 0

  • When a job name on the Home page or Job List is clicked, the pop up to review the job details and images now loads much faster

  • All Framing Rules can now be easily checked as Hidden for all questions and can optionally be applied as Hidden to all Builders

  • New option for gable posts to use span tables to select the material for each individual post in a wall based on its length

  • A  replacement for the Document Template engine has been implemented in the program to avoid past issue with formatting in some templates

  • Bug Fixes

Thanks, and enjoy!