smartbuild release notes 1-84

SmartBuild 1-84 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  Please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • New ‘Bar Joist’ Framing shape

    • In the Setup Wizard, you can select a ‘Bar Joist’ profile that will display the material as a representative of a webbed header in the 3-d model

  • Gable wall opening Jamb Posts will now be considered when accounting for on center post spacing

    • This may result in an on center post being removed if its location is less than the on center spacing from a jamb post

  • Vendor Skus for trusses

    • Similar to Vendor Skus for materials, you can now add a Vendor sku for any individual truss

    • Vendor Skus will be displayed on the Job Review and material outputs

    • This allows you to have a single Vendor Sku for multiple trusses even if the trusses have different properties

  • New “Max length” and ‘Underlap’ for roof panels

    • Per Sheathing material, you can set a Max Length which will not allow a panel to exceed that length on a roof.  If a roof exceed that length then the program will place a panel at the max length and then ‘Underlap’ a new panel by the specified distance and begin another panel and continue up the length of the roof from eave to peak

  • Attached Building will now always use your Main building Roof Framing settings

    • For example, if you have a main building using PCT trusses and you add a porch, the defaults settings for the porch will match the main building with PCT trusses

    • Previously, porches and leans always defaulted to Rafters

  • New Option to use double rafters back to back

    • This only applies when your Top of Eave Post is set to Bottom of Heel/Seat Cut

  • ‘PCT’ mono trusses now recognize that the upper connection on a porch does not require a post base 

  • For steel rafters and other framing items, a material can now be a ‘receiver’ Profile 

    • Receivers allow other material to ‘nest’ the depth of the receiver (minus ½”)

    • Typically used with flush purlins nesting into steel rafters

  • Product Systems can now be linked to an Assemblies

  • Cancel button option added in the 2D mode Save dialog box 

  • Bug Fix-Saving the Setup Wizard re-orders the Product Systems List in the Framing Rules

  • Bug Fix-Deal with None properly when switching Product Systems

  • Bug Fix-{CC} not working with only 1 color

  • Bug Fix-Back to Back Rafters do not sit centered on the Post

  • Bug Fix-Can’t use parent assemblies as conditions

  • Bug Fix-Copying a distributor doesn’t copy the Product System Usages

  • Bug Fix-With ‘Match bay spacing purlins’ the Eave Purlin material was using the Purlin Material on one side