smartbuild 1-87

SmartBuild 1-87 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  Please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • Additional wall parameters available upon input in 2d view

    • Framing style (Post vs Stud), Stud Material (2×4, 2×6…) and Foundation options (Type, Depth, Offset and Width)

  • Clean up for Interior wall input

    • Extend top and bottom plates at corners

    • Extend Interior panels at corners

  • Header High boundaries

    • Header High extents can now be controlled like other opening headers (Outside of Post, Next Column…)

  • New Opening Styles and icon options

    • Single Hung, Double Hung, Vent and ‘Other’

  • Additional customizable Accent Colors

    • There are two additional Accent Colors available

    • You can now change the names of the Accent Colors (for example, you can change ‘Accent Color 1’ to ‘ Soffit Color’ and another to ‘Fascia Color’

    • These color lists (with the customized name) will be available for colors of trim parts

  • Trusses can have a ‘Truss Color’ selected per truss in the catalog

    • Truss color will change the color of the truss in the 3d model

    • Available ‘colors’ are Yellow Pine, Spruce, Engineered Lumber, Treated Lumber, Red Iron, Gray Iron and Black

  • Building Depth is available as a parameter for Gable Post Span Tables

  • Bug Fix– If delete primary material from assembly then warn user

  • Bug Fix– Header High Triple and Quad ply not working

  • Bug Fix- LFOpeningWidth token broke for legacy package calcs

  • Bug Fix– Open Wall Truss Carrier to honor Match Closed Wall in Adv Edit

  • Bug Fix- {LF} materials will round down in SKU builder (10’2” will round to 10 and not 11)

  • Bug Fix– Distributor with Builders adds new items locks up package menu

  • Bug Fix– Combined porch or main building with deep roof rafters missing