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SmartBuild Now Integrates with Building Creator on SketchUp

SmartBuild Systems — the pole barn industry’s only complete design system for post frame structures that quickly generates a 3D model, material lists, pricing, proposals, and construction documents for almost any post frame building – now integrates with Building Creator on SketchUp!

SmartBuild Systems

With SmartBuild, users are guided through a simple, menu-driven set of prompts for designing any custom structure. As each new variable is entered, a real-time 3D model shows exactly what the building looks like in shell or frame view. Best of all, SmartBuild automatically updates the framing, sheathing and trim cut lists, material lists, pricing, and drawings with every change to the design.

SmartBuild Systems’ cutting-edge technology revolutionized the post frame construction industry resulting in increased sales for, both, contractors and building materials suppliers.

Now, this innovative software is available in a web-based environment or, in conjunction with Building Creator, as a desktop solution making it even more accessible for all.


SketchUp is a 3D modeling program for a host of applications including architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game creation, interior design, and landscape configuration. Available as a web-based application, SketchUp has numerous plans and price points:

  • Free
  • Shop
  • Pro
  • Studio
  • For Students
  • For Educators
  • For Schools

Using a proprietary Push and Pull tool, Sketchup allows the user to mold flat surfaces into 3D shapes by clicking objects and pulling them into preferred view. Once complete, SketchUp models are viewed on smartphones, tablets, or using AR/VR devices.

Additional SketchUp functions include drawing layout, surface rendering, third-party plugin support, 3D warehouse, and extensions.

Extensions are plugins developed especially for SketchUp that add tools or special features to specific applications and industry-specific tools. Building Creator is a SketchUp extension for post frame structure design.

Building Creator

Developed by Neil Burkholder, of NC Automation LLC, Building Creator simplifies the process of designing garages and pole barns. Contractors use the tool to swiftly draw buildings, allowing clients to visualize their structures in highly detailed graphics. All modifications are sketched live, yet the program does not automatically create plans, pricing, drawings, proposals, or materials takeoffs.

SmartBuild and Building Creator

SmartBuild Systems is the complete design system for post frame construction, and because it’s web-based, the critical set of data driving design – framing standards, part numbers, pricing, and other variables – are easily changed in one location. This functionality ensures that users, salespeople, designers, and dealers are instantly updated with the latest information.

SmartBuild’s web infrastructure also facilitates immediate communication between the field and corporate office, while the built-in administrative capabilities allow for multiple levels of program access and pricing levels all under central control.

But it may not be right for everyone.

Since SmartBuild is used online, access was restricted from the Amish and those without Internet access…until now!

Building Creator – a desktop solution requiring no Internet – now integrates with SmartBuild, allowing for offline building creation WITH post frame core function automation. Users design buildings on Building Creator, then the file is sent to SmartBuild for dataset generation.

building creator

It really is the best of both worlds.

Start your free trial of both programs – and SketchUp Pro – today!

*Note: SketchUp is required to use Building Creator

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