SmartBuild Systems 1.20 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Supplier/Builder Support.  
    • We have added several features to make it easier to set up builders to use existing supplier material catalogs and settings, while still giving builders appropriate control over framing and job settings.
  • Custom job checks
    • You can now define custom messages and the conditions to trigger the message.  For example, if an opening is over 12’ then show the user a warning that informs them that special engineering is required for the opening. 
  • Tax rate support.
    • You can now designate materials and labor as taxable or non-taxable.
    • You can apply a tax rate per job which will calculate a taxable subtotal, non-taxable subtotal and a grand total for a job.
  • Labor as a separate pricing group
    • Labor now is separated into its own tab on the material list and a subtotal price for labor is calculated and displayed on the summary page.
  • Overlap Purlins
    • You can now choose to use overlapping purlins (when not flush), this will overlap one foot where appropriate and be reflected accurately on the material take off.
  • Better handling of materials not in the database
    • In some situations, the program will not find a suitable material in your material database (usually lumber longer than stock or a trim with a non-matching color).  The program will now warn you and show the material with a zero cost. This will allow you to either add a replacement material or fix the issue (no longer will add a $9,999 material)

Bugs and other items:

  • Trusses that are not found in the truss catalog will now apply the user-defined price estimate on the material list.