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The Advantages of Using Construction Bidding Software

The “good old days” were great for many reasons, but maybe not so good regarding paper bidding. Construction bidding software has been helping contractors streamline the bidding process, create more accurate bids, and improve efficiency in recent years. Bidding software offers a range of advantages that ultimately help construction companies compete more effectively in the market.

Accuracy and Precision

Bidding involves complex calculations, including material costs, labor costs, overhead, and profit margins. Bidding software automates these calculations, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring accuracy in estimates. Automated data entry minimizes the chances of mistakes associated with manual input, ensuring that all information is recorded and processed correctly.

Nearly a third of construction companies make less profit than expected based on their estimates, according to a QuickBooks estimate. Bidding software enables quick and efficient generation of estimates, which not only saves time for the construction company but also allows for faster responses to bid requests, increasing the chance of winning projects.

Additionally, construction bidding software integrates with material and labor cost databases, saving time by eliminating the need for manual research and data input.

Consistency and Standardization

Customizable templates for bids and proposals are often included in construction bidding software. This ensures a standardized format for all bids, presenting a more professional image to potential clients. The software allows for consistent application of markup percentages, ensuring that profit margins are maintained across all bids. It also may include tools for tracking project costs against budgets. This helps maintain financial control throughout the construction process, reducing the risk of cost overruns.

Bid Tracking and Analysis

Construction bidding software often includes features for tracking and analyzing bid history. This allows companies to learn from past bids, refine their estimating processes, and adjust strategies for future projects. Some software solutions can analyze competitors’ bids, providing insights into market trends and helping construction companies stay competitive.

Customizable Proposals 

Bidding software allows construction companies to create professional and customizable proposals, enhancing the overall presentation of bids and making them more appealing to potential clients. Increasing your bid-hit ratio is the name of the game!

SmartBuild Systems Complete Design Software

SmartBuild Systems is the construction industry’s only complete design system for post frames, pole barns, garages, sheds, carports, and all-metal structures. Simple enough for anyone to use, our web-based software quickly generates a 3D model, material lists, pricing, proposals, and construction documents for almost any building.

SmartBuild Systems lets you access your own 3D design tool from your laptop. 

With SmartBuild, you can:

  • Design a post frame building on your laptop in real time with your customer
  • Automatically create material lists and pricing
  • Update a 3D model with a menu-driven set of prompts
  • Deliver an on-site proposal before you leave the meeting
  • Layout the interior floor plan in 2D
  • Automatically submit orders to your supplier/distributor

SBS software is simple, efficient, and affordable. No experience is necessary, and designing a building using our modeling software takes just 20 minutes! Our easy to use software generates accurate 2D takeoffs and automated quantities from 3D models, saving you time and money. 

Find a SmartBuild Supplier near you or contact us for more information or a live demonstration.