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Buildings You Won’t Believe Are Pole Barns [Gallery]

If you immediately think of a basic, rectangular structure full of tools, toys, or Tennessee Walkers upon hearing the term pole barn…you’re not alone. For centuries, post frame construction has remained the preferred method for erecting barns, hog houses, stables, sheds, and all manner of agricultural buildings.

Today, smart buyers and savvy builders choose post frame for their homes and businesses for a multitude of reasons. Pole barns take far less time and money to construct and are engineered to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions – but that’s not all…

Known as construction chameleons, pole barns can be made to look like any style of building! By selecting the right roof and siding, you can easily transform your post frame house into a castle, log cabin, country cottage, or Greek pavilion! Commercial properties are also often undercover pole barns masquerading as brick fire stations, stone-covered churches, libraries, schools, gas stations, hotels, theme parks, and museums. Not yet convinced? Take a stroll through our slide show to see a bevy of buildings you won’t believe are post frame structures:

Country Club
Mini Golf Course
Government Building
Fire Station
Shopping Center
Harley-Davidson Dealership
Garden Center
Theme Park
EZ Mart
Retail Store