Randy L Chaffee

Guest Blog: Be Your Own Brand Ambassador

This guest blog post was written by Randy L Chaffee.

I think we all agree that we operate within a highly competitive business landscape. With this in mind, it is imperative and essential to our success that we build a strong and recognizable brand. 

One powerful tool we have at our disposal is the concept of “Brand Ambassador.”  The value of a brand ambassador cannot be overstated, as they can play a crucial role in shaping consumer perceptions, building trust and driving business to our doors. While it’s commonplace to contract with an industry influencer, for this discussion, let’s talk about the concept of being your own brand ambassador.  

The brand ambassador serves as the voice and face of a company. Customers want to buy from someone they know and trust. As a business, we are so much more than a brick-and-mortar building, vehicles and some job signs. We must be approachable, trusted and desirable to do business with. This is where a brand ambassador comes into play.

Who can be a brand ambassador? Anyone in the business can and should take on the role of a brand ambassador. The owners and sales team are an absolute must. Potential clients want to really know who they are about to enter into a large project with. With this said, all members of the organization should be involved to their comfort level. Post about how much you enjoy your work, the company and the clients. Let the community see you at local events, such as ballgames, parades, fairs etc. Wear your logo shirt proudly!

Visibility = Opportunities. We are a very visual society today. If we want to be seen as the trusted advisor or the go-to person or company, we must put ourselves and our message in front of our potential clients, and on a regular basis. Society in general has taken on what I call “swipe left” tendencies. We are accustomed to looking at social media in nanoseconds. If we do not see something to draw us in almost immediately, we move on. We also look at such a volume of information on a daily basis that we soon forget what we may have seen, regardless of our interest.  

So what to do? Consistency is key. Interesting and timely information presented on a regular basis is paramount. Don’t be afraid to personalize and let people become familiar with you.

It is important that we present ourselves where our prospective clients frequent.

Operating in the B2B world, I find Linkedin to be my best platform. With this said, I engage in several others very regularly, including TikTok. Why? Because I need to be where the current decision-makers are, but I also need to communicate with the younger generation who will be my direct contact in the near future.

So you may be thinking, this all sounds great but it must take a lot of time? Of course it takes some time and effort. All things of importance do and this will be no different at the start. However, once being a Brand Ambassador becomes a normal part of life, it will become second nature and will assist in driving your business forward.

If you are engaged now in being a brand ambassador… accelerate your game! If not, now is a great time to start.

Thank you to Randy L Chaffee for writing this blog post! If you would like to contribute to the SmartBuild Systems blog, you are welcome to submit a topic here.