smartbuild version 169

On-Demand Webinar: SmartBuild Release 1-69

In this on-demand webinar, we walk you through the newest features and bug fixes from the latest release including:

  • Rotate attached buildings 
  • Ability to ‘break’ shared walls
  • Use ‘Top Girt’ (instead of Truss Carriers) 
  • In Advanced Edit mode, you can now click on a wall in the layout to make edits (in addition to the previous ability click the wall on list to the left)
  • New separate Jamb Post token that count number of Jamb Posts in a job
  • ‘Category’ option now available in Roof Wizard

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect mono/shed truss lengths causing the program to not find match in catalog

  • Fixed Package calculations not applying with Advanced overhangs

  • Fixed missing valley rafter left out in some situations

  • Fixed part lengths not set correctly in Packages upon save

Thanks, and enjoy!