SmartBuild 1.29 Release Notes

New Features:

  • You can choose to apply framing rule edits to Starting Models (or not)

    • This means you can quickly update all Starting Model templates with changes to default material, framing and spacing options

    • If you are a Supplier with ‘child’ Builders, you can also choose to quickly update Builder Framing Rules

    • This does not apply to Job Information, Job Checks or Packages (future enhancements)

  • Door and Window Packages can be designated as either Add-ons or Bundles

    • This means you can control which Door/Window Packages get listed on sales proposals and other document templates

    • ‘Bundles’ will print to the templates and ‘Add-ons’ will not

    • (This is the current functionality with ‘Main Building’ Packages)

  • There are now additional options for skirt boards at Walk Doors

    • ‘Always’ will cut all skirtboards at walk door openings

    • ‘Never’ will run all skirtboards through all walkdoors

    • ‘Auto’ will only cut skirtboard that intersects the opening above grade

  • Improved Material and Pricing sorting

    • You can now sort columns by clicking the column header

    • You can multi-sort by clicking the first column then by holding down Ctrl while clicking the second column (then clicking again with Ctrl down to change the sort direction)

  • Choose available stock/pick Lengths for truss blocks

    • You can now for example, consolidate all truss block cuts into 12’ lumber lengths only

  • Soffit Color is now a separate setting that can match ‘Roof’, ‘Wall’ or ‘Trim’ color for all soffit or you can use Advanced Edits per ‘roof panel’ (located under Roof Trim)

Bugs and other changes:

  • ‘Fix Buttons’ work on the new Framing Rules Page to quickly apply new materials

  • Sub Fascia is no longer included on the material list when no overhangs are present

  • An extra siding panel on gable steel when evenly divisible by 3 has now been removed

  • Fixed open lean-to’s with rafters applying too much steel and framing (now the steel will stop at the bottom of the truss header unless manually adjusted)

  • Sheathing wall lengths on buildings with overhangs have been reduced/adjusted.  Steel lengths were too long due to not adjusting for fascia depth

  • ‘Top of Wall’ trim is now part of the wall panel and not the roof panel

    • This allows all wall trim to be edited in Advanced Edits (i.e. colors) and will show all wall trim together on the drawings