SmartBuild 1-37 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Span Table Updates

    • Shed Rafters now look at the actual length of the rafter (and spacing) to determine the appropriate material

    • Truss carriers above openings will now use the width of individual openings as a factor to determine the appropriate material and plies above an opening

    • Truss Carriers now look at post spacing of each bay when using Custom post spacing to determine the appropriate material.

  • Flying gables and peak outs

    • There are new overhang inputs for both the main building and attached buildings to make flying gables or peak outs:

    • ‘Front Peak’ options: Normal, Peak Out, Flying Gable.

      • If Peak Out or Flying Gable is selected, a new field for Front Peak Extension is shown. If Peak Out is selected, a new field for Front Offset Down From Peak is shown.

    • Same questions are available for the Back Peak.

  • When a Random Length Part is selected for a part that we split (girts, purlins, eave edge trim, etc.)

  • If the part Lengths field has values, the parts will be cut from those values

  • If the part lengths field is blank, the parts will not be split

  • In both cases, no pricing error will be reported

  • Applicable output tokens now convert any lengths to feet and inches and limit square footage to 2 decimal places.

  • There is now the ability to provide two different levels of visibility of Framing Rule questions in a job.  So one person could have a limited set of questions (‘Basic’) and another could have access to more questions (Advanced)

    • There is now another ‘Hidden’ setting for ‘Hide Advanced’ (the existing hide is ‘Hide Basic’).

    • There is a new user flag for ‘canViewAdvanced’ that will use the ‘Hide Advanced’ settings, everyone else gets the ‘Hide Basic’ settings.