smartbuid systems v. 1-70

SmartBuild 1-70 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  As always, please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • Changes to the Edit page user interface

    • No functionality has been lost but things have moved around

    • See webinar for a walkthrough

    • It shouldn’t be too hard to find what you need, but it will take a bit to get used to

    • Future releases will phase in additional interface updates

  • Cross Section with rafters

    • Cross-section outputs will now include sidewalls with rafter roofs

    • We will follow up to improve dimensions and details

  • Ignore truss carrier allowed Lengths for openings 

    • If you are using structural truss carriers then they will always be cut to span the full length of large openings even if it violates your defined allowable lengths

    • This prevents potential conditions where truss carriers get cut within the opening span due to allowed Lengths

  • Upload bump maps and textures for ‘Sheathing’ materials

    • This allows you to create, view, update and delete your own uploaded JPG files to apply custom images to sheathing materials for display in the 3-d model

    • Go to Settings>Texture Library

  • Options for same trim parts with different angles

    • A new job question ‘Combine Angles’ has been added the bottom of the Roof Trim group

    • If checked then the same trim parts that have different angles will be combined and consolidated (previous existing behavior)

    • If unchecked then the same trim parts with different angles will be treated as separate pieces of trim and consolidated separately on the material list

    • This will default to checked and hidden (existing behavior)

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to add new Truss from Trusses page- fixed

  • Hidden settings not set when adding attached buildings- fixed

  • Post Layout off by 1-1/2″ when ‘Measure From’ is set to Outside of Post-fixed

    • For example, a 30×30 building with 10’ post spacing will measure 10’ even dimensions all around the building

    • Previously it measured from the steel line causing the end bays to be different lengths