smartbuild systems release notes 1-77

SmartBuild 1-77 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  Please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • New ‘Outrigger’ Overhang Style option is available for trusses and rafters

    • With on-edge purlins, framing members are added above each truss to create the overhangs

    • Outriggers use the purlin material and style

    • If the overhang is less than 2ft, these extend to the first purlin.  If the Overhang is greater than or equal to 2ft, these extend to the second purlin

    • Additional ‘Blocking’ is added between the purlins at the gables (when on-edge purlins)

  • Additional user permissions for each type of attached building

    • Porch, lean-to, Awning, and Attached Buildings buttons can now be separately hidden per user (previously they were all grouped together) in Settings/Users

  • Improved Fixed window and Bale door icons

  • When using the {token} button to edit a Package formula, the pop-up window will now disappear after making the selection

  • Total Price is now shown on the Jobs Details page

  • Longer post Descriptions on the Post Layout Schedule have been cleaned up

  • BUG FIX-When slider door “right” is placed against a structural post on the left, the track board support extends to the next column to the left also

  • BUG FIX– Extra posts with stacked openings and the Jamb Bottom is set to Next Girt

  • BUG FIX-Cross section is not reporting correct pitch of rafter porch

  • BUG FIX-Third and Fourth Ply Truss Carriers to ‘notch’ into posts

  • BUG FIX-User is not able to place door on cant porch created on attached building

  • BUG FIX-Requoted jobs with openings get incorrect foundation material counts

  • BUG FIX-Cupola list will not scroll or show full list