smartbuild systems release notes 1-79

SmartBuild 1-79 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  Please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • Color options applied to framing members shown in 3-d model

    • Framing materials can be assigned a ‘Color’ in the Setup Wizard

    • Current color options are Yellow Pine, Spruce, Engineered Lumber, Treated Lumber, Red Iron, or Grey Iron

    • Textures options will be included in a future release

  • Steel shapes represented in 3-d model

    • Similar to the Colors, there are now Profile options available for framing members

    • The options are Dimensional Lumber (default), Cee, Zee, Zee (Rotated), I beam

  • Ability to rotate shed roof style attached buildings

    • Similar to Gable attached buildings, there are now options to rotate a shed-attached building to create additional building configurations

  • Interior Liner will now follow bottom of Scissor and PCT trusses

  • Supplier ID option for the Bid Report output

    • This allows nice job material reports to be produced specifically for individual suppliers

  • Update Payment Schedule for Starting Models

    • If the Payment Schedule in Settings is edited, there is now the option to update all Starting Models with the changes (or not)

  • Sort Door and Window lists alphabetically by Description

    • When selecting an opening to place in a job, the list will now be sorted alphabetically by the opening’s Description

    • A future release will allow custom sorting of this list

  • Total Price Before Tax token

    • This {TotalPriceBeforeTax} token can be used on document outputs (such as quotes) to show the job price before tax

  • Valley Trim added to the job Extra Trim Parts section

    • You can request extra quantities of specific trim parts to be automatically added to a job’s material list, this list now includes Valley Trim


  • BUG FIX-Incorrect opening location when Cant. porch starts at zero

  • BUG FIX-Extra soffit in model when adding shed roof to right side of main building

  • BUG FIX-Lean-to pitch and overhang on buildings with no sheathing causes missing metal on lean-to roof.

  • BUG FIX-Upper Sheathing and Wainscot Margin are not available even when turned on

  • BUG FIX-Adding a porch to a wall that has a Cant Porch causes an error message